Mapa Insight Reports 2018

1. Aggregation Insight Report

With PSD2 in force in 2018, millions of consumers are to have better visibility and accessibility to financial services. But, incumbent banks, challengers and FinTech providers have not been waiting for PSD2 to innovate. Many players across the globe have tested and launched aggregation platforms to stay one step ahead and, more importantly, to head off the competition.  Which providers have led the way? What has been achieved so far to truly live up to the promise of providing easier personal financial management (PFM) for consumers? And, how can security and authentication be turned into a positive customer experience?

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2. Digital Wallets & Payments Insight Report (Global)

The definition of how payments can be made and who can facilitate payments continues to change rapidly. Our Digital Wallets and Payments report looks at potentially transformative payment experiences across the globe and asks if these are as frictionless as expected. When it comes to who can enable payments, new propositions and new players are not only changing online and in-store experiences but also how payments can provide additional value to consumers.  Along with these developments and the expected growth of payment initiation services (PIS), we will also look at how regulation and newly launched schemes will make an impact on the digital payments journey across continents.

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3. UK Credit Card Insight Report

With the continued squeeze on personal incomes, credit usage is growing.  The need for providers to differentiate their products in a sales market where aggregators and consumer review sites are increasingly important means providing the best onboarding experience. In this report, Mapa defines what the digital experience should be for credit card customers, providing insights gained from the UK as well as best practice from across the globe.  We also address the importance of improving digital servicing and user experience in the context of the new entrants who threaten to erode the direct relationship between customer and issuer.

4. US Credit Card Insight Report

Mobile apps, comparison sites and the ever-increasing range of incentives – getting attention from the US credit card consumer is increasingly demanding. What are the top 10 credit card providers in the US doing to attract, engage and delight customers in digital channels? This report will go beyond sales through to log in and servicing to draw out best-in-class examples from the biggest US credit card players as well as the new contenders who are reshaping the category digitally.

5. Mobile Banking Insight Report (Global)

What are the new ‘must haves’ for mobile banking?  Whether using mobile as an effective sales channel or just ensuring that customers are sufficiently supported to use new features, banks are looking to add more value to customers on mobile. Analysing more than 50 banking apps, this report provides Mapa’s expert opinion on where banks should be setting their sights for future success.

6. Desktop Banking Insight Report (Global)

What role does Desktop Banking play given that many financial providers focus their channel strategy on mobile? Mapa understands that for many consumers, Desktop is still a prominent channel for bank interaction and that Desktop also needs to evolve to meet the needs of users. We explore how new technologies, such as open APIs and AI, are being used to elevate the customer experience.  We look at the benefits of using larger screens for more complex journeys and to offer better accessibility. Mapa regularly monitors the desktop banking space looking at brands across the UK, US, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, France and Australia. Auditing both public websites and past the point of login, this report will highlight the most important trends in the desktop banking channel and identify opportunities in the market.

7. SME Banking Insight Report

While much has been made about how PSD2 and Open Banking will benefit the personal banking consumer, Mapa believes that these developments will also present SMEs with access to products and services geared to the needs of running a business.  Departing from the current underdeveloped digital platforms, small businesses will have opportunities to more easily manage their operational costs, their financing and their accounting.  We believe that SME banking customers in the UK are among those who stand to gain the most from the new directive. This report will analyse the developments and strategies employed by sector leaders and innovators in light of the new environment. Find out more about last year’s SME Insight Report here

8. Trends to watch in 2019 (Global)

What are the most important digital developments for banks to watch in 2019? Whether it’s AI, VR or APIs, this report will highlight key trends in digital banking and payments that banks need to consider when devising their strategies for next year. Read some of our predictions for 2018 here.

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