With both subscription products and consulting services, we help financial services brands improve the customer experience, by showing them what other banks and providers are doing online, globally – often beyond the login.

We analyse our findings to highlight best practice, benchmark our clients against their competitors, and recommend improvements.

Clients use our insights on user journeys to make improvements, spot opportunities, inform long-term strategies and ultimately win, retain and delight customers.

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Huge range of live bank accounts (200 globally)
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Mapa Consulting

ACQUIRE – Onboard Customers Digitally

Find new revenue streams by onboarding customers digitally in the most efficient way.

Most banking organisations don’t support end-to-end digital account opening, resulting in 70%‑90% abandonment rates (Financial Brand). We help you increase acquisition rates with better digital product discovery and onboarding processes. Improve conversion rates in your online channels, and cross-sell effectively once people are using your tools.

We help those leading channel and product teams at top retail banks understand the opportunities, through consulting projects such as:

Current Account Discovery Project
Credit Card Application Journey Project
Investment Prospect Education Project
Marketing Tracker: New Current Account Customers

Acquire Onboard Customers Online

ENGAGE – Drive Digital Adoption

70% of Britons still say it is important to have a branch close to them and 33% don’t trust a bank without branches (BBA). Meanwhile, banks are looking to make savings by encouraging customers to use online channels.

Provide a more efficient service, cut costs, and better track customer engagement by moving customers into digital channels. By showing banks the hygiene factors in digital banking, we help them make mobile and desktop banking the channels of preference.

Our Consulting case studies include:

Paperless Statements Project
Help & Support Project
Chatbots Report

Engage Banking Customers Digitally

DELIGHT – Build Sticky Loyalty

About one-third of consumers globally said they would be more likely to switch their primary bank if it were easier to do so, and 55% of millennials prefer to use FinTech firms over banks for certain payment activities (EY).

We help retail banks meet rising expectations, improve customer satisfaction and increase retention rates and lifetime value by making your digital channels excellent. Create an emotional connection with your customer that boosts retention and referral rates.

Whether you lead a product, channel or UX team, we help retail banks meet rising expectations, improve customer satisfaction and increase lifetime value by making your digital channels excellent.

Mobile App Functionality Analysis
Complete Public & Secure Site Audits
Digital Authentication Project
Payments & Pending Transactions Project

Delight Customers Build Loyalty Digital Banking

INNOVATE – Maximise Innovation Opportunities

85.5% of millennials globally said they were dissatisfied with the mobile banking provision of traditional financial services providers (PaymentEye).

Identify emerging opportunities presented by changes in technology, regulation, evolving markets and emerging trends. Bypass the new entrants and so-called ‘challengers’ with award-winning and market-leading digital experiences, with research from Mapa highlighting where the biggest opportunities are. Challenge your thinking, inspire your digital and product teams, and future-proof your customer offering.

Mapa can show both incumbent and new banks what the competitive landscape looks like – and where the opportunities are to steal the march and lead the market.

Consulting case studies include:

Challenger Bank Audit
Innovation Workshops
Regulatory Compliance Project

Maximise Digital Banking Innovation Opportunities

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Mapa Consulting Process

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