Mapa SME Banking Monitor

SME Banking Monitor

September 26, 2017

The SME Banking Monitor compares leading business bank accounts in the UK across nearly 400 metrics for their desktop and mobile banking services. This helps our clients understand how banks are improving their digital offering for small and medium businesses, with all the information and screenshots gathered through the live accounts that we hold.

Every Mapa Monitor is updated regularly, highlighting competitor changes that have occurred in the market. The SME Banking Monitor offers a quarterly overview of the business banking market, so you can quickly identify and understand trends in customer experience for SME users.

You will be able to track:

  • How banks are highlighting the benefits of their business accounts to potential customers.
  • Innovations in login – how are banks striking the balance between convenience and security?
  • Offers and products being promoted for SMEs.
  • Application journeys for SME accounts and business loans.
  • Tools and features available to help small businesses manage their accounts digitally.
  • Digital account servicing options and customer support and education.
  • Innovations in mobile business banking apps to help businesses manage accounts on-the-go.
  • Which incumbent and new banks are expanding their SME banking provision beyond basic services to really help businesses succeed.


Which brands are monitored? 

We focus on the largest providers in the UK – Barclays, HSBC, NatWest, Lloyds and Santander – as well as The Co-operative Bank, Metro Bank, and new brands like Revolut and Tide. See a sample here.

What is it?

A subscription package that gives you competitive advantage. Each Mapa Monitor is comprised of a comparison matrix, a Quarterly Update Report full of screenshots, user journeys and analysis, and a presentation from our expert analysts at your office. You also get access to the Mapa Digest (curated digital banking news from Mapa and the wider world) and Mapa Alerts when big changes or announcements are made.

Our clients use Monitors to inform strategy, provide inspiration and guidance to digital teams, and provide objective evidence for new or improved user journeys. View a sample here.

Who should buy it?

The SME Banking Monitor is currently subscribed to by some big UK banks, but this quarterly report would be ideal for the SME and digital teams in financial services providers of any size, as a way to get a broad overview of the market.

We also produce reports on the topic of  digital SME banking, produce articles and webinars on the topic, and can undertake consulting work on any angles not covered in our quarterly Monitor.

Click on the button below to download a free sample of the SME Banking Monitor. Contact us today if you want to find out more or subscribe.