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Insight Series – Security and Identity: Balancing Security with Usability

September 28, 2016

One of the main challenges facing banks today is that of ensuring digital security whilst minimising the impact on the customer experience and usability. As customers are increasingly expecting convenient access to their financial information, more and more players are allowing their customers greater control over their digital banking activities.

What’s in the report?

This 31-page report explores the security approaches taken by banks globally, to balance convenience with usability. A particular focus has been placed on the rise of biometric authentication and risk-based solutions. We replicate the customer experience across more than fifteen brands such as Wells Fargo in the US, Atom Bank in the UK, Fidor in Germany and Swedbank in Sweden. From fingerprint, voice and face recognition features, to pre-login functionality that can be turned on and off, the emphasis is not just on keeping bank accounts secure and authenticating transactions, but on personalising the experience to best suit customer needs.

Who should buy it?

Our reports are aimed primarily at banks and financial services providers. We work closely with a range of stakeholders across banks, including digital teams, product teams and senior management, to show them what’s really going on across the market.

With screenshots behind the point of login, our reports provide deep competitor analysis that can help inform and support strategic decision-making, feed into product development, and ultimately improve the customer experience.


Fingerprint, voice recognition and live video chat are among the tactics deployed by banks for identity verification.

Please contact us to purchase this ‘Security and Identity: Balancing Security with Usability’ or download a free sample of the report below. A full list of 2017 reports can be found here.