Report: Account Aggregator Focus Group

July 06, 2017

We invited twelve banking customers to take part in a focus group on awareness of and attitudes to account aggregators. Participants were split into two groups – six under-30s and six over-30s.  Our participants were all active users of the internet for a range of non-financial tasks, and also managed their bank accounts online and/or on their mobiles.

None of our participants currently use an account aggregator. Our facilitator deliberately did not highlight the personal risks of screen scraping and sharing passwords with third parties and focused instead on the features and functionality of aggregators – now and in the future. We showcased examples from the likes of ING’s Yolt, Mobillity, and Cleo, to help participants understand the concept of aggregators and how they might find use for them.

Yolt by ING

This free report summarises the findings from our focus groups, highlighting barriers to uptake across the two age groups, and the pull factors that could encourage use – including security reassurances and tangible benefits such as money-saving recommendations. Download it by clicking below. 

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