Report: Educating and Supporting Credit Card Users

October 27, 2017

This complimentary report looks at how UK and US providers in the credit card space are educating and supporting customers on digital channels. Studying the current state of the market and its future direction, find out how banks acquire and service credit card users on mobile and desktop.

More providers are offering educational content to customers. Giving clarity to the different aspects of the credit card space can add real value to cardholders, who might otherwise see themselves in serious debt.

Important information, such as credit scores, is now accessible (often for free) on digital channels. As providers add new tools and features to support their customers, it is clear that the market is trying to create services that extend beyond their products.

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In preparation for new European regulation to come into effect next year, UK provides have started introducing early-stage apps and desktop tools with PFM and aggregation functionality. What’s more, US providers, who will not be bound by the new regulation, are doing the same.

Download this report to find out how banks are using their digital channels to give assistance to credit card customers and help them improve their financial health, examples from UK and US providers.