Report: Digital Wallets & Payments Focus Group

July 14, 2017

What do consumers think about digital wallets?

We invited twelve banking customers to take part in a focus group on financial innovations. Having already shared their thoughts on account aggregators, those taking part were quizzed on their use of, and thoughts on, mobile payments. Participants were split into two groups – six under 30s and six over 30s.

Our participants were all active users of the internet for a range of non-financial tasks, and also managed their bank accounts online and/or on their mobiles. Indeed, across both groups, participants have abandoned cash as a regular form of payment, using it only when they have no choice. Cards are the payment method of choice for making purchases, and contactless has been warmly embraced, while payments to friends are typically made via digital banking.

Download this free report on the findings from our focus groups, exploring attitudes to digital wallets and peer-to-peer mobile payments, and what’s putting consumers off using them.