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Report: Digital Payments via Smart Keyboards

April 03, 2017

This free report takes a look at how banks are integrating smart keyboards into messaging and social media platforms, allowing customers to make digital payments from channels like WhatsApp and iPhone Messages.

Banks face a constant challenge to remain significant and active in the lives of customers, who are increasingly influenced by the internet and technology. Four banks from around the world (ICICI, Westpac, Banco Sabadell and ING) have attempted to integrate themselves into the daily routines of their customers by launching keyboards that enable them to pay their contacts, and perform other tasks, using messaging apps. The Westpac journey is shown in the video below.



At Mapa, we have seen a number of providers try to use messaging platforms to interact with customers in a number of ways. TransferWise and American Express offer chatbots via Facebook Messenger, B customers can access Live Chat via the same platform, and BBVA allows customers to message a bank advisor via WhatsApp. However, the example of payment keyboards is the most direct method that providers are offering in order to utilise the messaging platforms that are now so ingrained in modern society.

Download this free report to see how customers can use these payment keyboards on their smartphones.