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Banks build loyalty through banking apps

Report: Converting internet banking customers to loyal app users

August 23, 2016

Download our report outlining how banks can encourage mobile banking app adoption, and discover which banks are not only promoting their apps prominently on desktop, but also clearly defining the value their apps deliver to customers.

Despite concerns that the app is ‘dying’, we believe that banks can still create mobile apps that consumers find useful. However, creating a compelling app is simply ‘step one’ – the next challenge is getting customers who rely on internet banking (or other forms of banking) to adopt the app. Banks don’t want to spend time and resource creating something that theoretically gets them closer to customers – the ‘branch in their pocket’ – if nobody uses it.

But are banks really selling the idea of apps to their customers?

This free report provides examples of how banks are promoting the banking app via their desktop channels, and offers some suggestions as to how financial brands can increase the rate of banking app adoption, loyalty and engagement.

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