Pending Transactions Project

Situtation: Mapa was engaged by one of the biggest retail banks in the UK to provide insight into how competitors display pending transactions on both desktop and mobile. The time lag between the bank processing a transaction and the customer’s account balance updating online had been identified as a source of confusion for customers.

Project: To investigate the issue, we made several different types of transaction on debit cards provided by a range of UK competitors. We then analysed whether value, type of transaction (contactless or Chip & PIN), or merchant type made a difference to the way that a transaction was displayed. In addition, we monitored how long it took for the transaction to be posted online and on mobile as well as noting how/if the customer was kept informed of the process during this time period.


Results: This information was used to provide the bank with a series of 4 short actionable recommendations that, if implemented, would ensure that it had the best in class solution to the issue.

For more on Mapa’s consulting capabilities, visit our consulting page

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