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Nationwide uses Mapa’s Mobile Banking Dashboard to steer projects

The Senior Manager of Digital & Mobile at Nationwide, Dave Palmer, discusses his partnership with Mapa Research and how he uses the Mobile Banking Dashboard to inspire and steer internal projects.

Nationwide Building Society have worked with Mapa Research for 5 years, subscribing to the Mobile, Tablet and Internet Banking Dashboards. These annual subscriptions provide Nationwide’s digital team with a range of valuable insights: thanks to the live accounts that Mapa holds, they are able to present screenshots from various banking applications, including the secure area. These are all presented at the offices on a quarterly basis and backed up with a Dashboard containing all the raw data and a Change Summary Report of all the competitor changes over the quarter.

The Mobile Banking Dashboard they receive, for example, highlights where more than 40 UK banks have made changes to their login processes, security measures, payment and card management features, balance visualisation, up-selling approach and so much more.

Dave Palmer, Senior Manager, Digital & Mobile at Nationwide Building Society, comments: “The insights we get from Mapa on a quarterly basis help us to guide and steer projects, and drive new ways of thinking within the organisation. As well as informing the direction of projects, they offer inspiration and encourage creativity at the highest levels of the business.”

One example Palmer cites is the pre-login functionality that Nationwide has now added to its mobile banking application, an initiative that sprang from the research Mapa did around the UK banking market, noting what leading players were doing in this area.

Another benefit of the Mapa Dashboards for Nationwide, Palmer claims, is the broad international scope of the research.

“We want to see what our peers are doing across the digital banking market, in the UK but also overseas, to help us benchmark our own performance,” Palmer says. “The Dashboards from Mapa give us all this information in a single place, and – thanks to the presentation format – we have the opportunity to ask questions of the analysts and get intelligent answers.”

Palmer also recognises the impact of the ongoing digital banking alerts that come from the research team at Mapa. “The alerts are so valuable. It’s great to know that we’ll be kept up to date with changes as soon as they happen – a competitor launching a new app or making significant changes within the secure area.”

“We look forward to continuing the fruitful partnership with Mapa Research, and continuing to stay abreast of digital banking developments and innovation.”

For more information on the Mobile Banking Dashboard or any other Mapa product, please contact us today.

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