The uptake of digital and mobile banking by consumers has given banks the opportunity to market financial products in new and engaging ways. However, few have fully seized the opportunity that these platforms offer to target their customers with bespoke, personalised marketing based on their individual needs.


Mapa’s portfolio of live, international bank accounts and the flexibility to open new accounts as needed, gives us the unparalleled ability to track marketing activity, either providing a snapshot or a view over a period of time. As well as monitoring marketing across websites (desktop and mobile) and apps, Mapa can collate and track marketing communications delivered by post, email, phone, text and social media.


Recent projects include:

  • A tracker of online cross-selling to new current account customers. Mapa tracked the marketing shown during application and for the following two months, highlighting best practice in terms of product positioning and personalised offers, and identifying missed opportunities where our client could enhance its offering and become market-leading.
  • An audit of marketing zones within mobile apps across UK and overseas banks and leading ecommerce companies. We reviewed the type and content of each zone, frequency of placement, and the context of the messages, using this to highlight standout examples to enable our client to improve their own offering.


Want to speak to us about your marketing tracking needs? Whether it’s marketing, cross-selling, or another aspect of user experience within digital banking, get in touch today.