Marketing Tracker: New Current Account Customers

You’ve done your best with digital onboarding, and found a new current account customer. Now what? Can you market other relevant products without hampering the user experience?

Situation: Mapa’s client wanted to assess opportunities to cross-sell to new customers, by understanding what other players were doing in this area. They were focused specifically on digital customers, who would use desktop and mobile banking to service their accounts, but offline materials were assessed as well.


Project: Mapa undertook a two-month tracking project, looking at online cross-selling to new current account customers, to see how and what UK banks were promoting to this segment. Mapa tracked the marketing shown during application and for the following two months, highlighting best practice in terms of product positioning and personalised offers.

Results: Presenting our findings to the client, Mapa’s analysts were able to highlight some missed opportunities where our client could enhance its offering and become market-leading.

For more on Mapa’s consulting capabilities, visit our consulting page

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