Five standout tablet banking initiatives from our research

We kick off the 2015 Mapa Research Insight Series by exploring five standout tablet banking initiatives. Tablet sales continue to grow and more and more consumers are becoming multi-device users. Tablets are not the device dominating usage statistics, yet they provide an important part in the device puzzle. We therefore see it as a necessity for banks to deliver a good banking experience also on tablet. With this report readers are provided with extensive insight into each of the initiatives. This includes an understanding of how each app fits into the bank’s other digital channels.

By utilising our unique portfolio of live bank accounts across the globe we can create and communicate the true picture of the user experience after login. In addition, the report holds relevant statistics and insight to back up findings and trends in the market as well as data handed to us directly by two of the included providers.

These are the banks covered:

  • Barclays (UK)
  • Westpac (AUS)
  • BNP Paribas (FR)
  • Danske Bank (SE)
  • Standard Bank (ZA)

Selected key takeaways from the report:

Growing popularity among elderly – can act as a digital gateway experience

We point at both general user statistics as well as direct insight from select banks, that tablets are particularly popular among older customer segments. Elderly customers feel more confident doing banking at home using their tablet compared to a mobile – particularly used outside your home. We point at tablet banking apps can work as digital gateway experience providing a more simplistic, easy to use and safe experience compared to mobile or internet banking.


Selected areas where tablet banking provides a superior user experience

  • Overview pages
  • Transactions and payments processes
  • Account transaction activity pages
  • PFM
  • Investments

In the report we provide examples spanning across all of these, and more areas, where we rate the tablet as the superior digital experience. In order to make tablets apps more popular and appreciated among customers banks need to take advantage of the capabilities and advantages that come with this type of device.


Trends paving the way for responsive experiences

  • The size of devices are diverging; there are more design formats to take into consideration
  • Multi-device usage. Consumers use different devices at different times for different purposes
  • Design technology and performance is getting better
  • The first pioneering banks introducing responsive web design after login.

This takeaway falls under a broader more strategical digital banking perspective. Yet we think it is important to make readers aware as it is likely to have an impact on existing tablet banking app offerings and how they are being used by customers. This report highlights examples of such pioneering banks.

For more information including sample pages from the report please contact us today.

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