Insight Series – Digital SME Banking: Comparing secure site propositions

August 02, 2017

Who provides the best digital SME banking journeys? At Mapa, we have consistently noted that digital small business banking propositions fall short of personal banking offerings, and are not quite keeping pace with technological innovation or, increasingly, customer expectations.
Digital SME Banking

In this report from the expert analysts at Mapa, we look at what digital SME banking customers are being offered in the UK from the big five – NatWest, Santander, HSBC, Lloyds Bank and Barclays – and apply our unique scoring mechanism to benchmark the customer experience behind the point of login.

We analyse and rank the incumbent banks on:

  • Everyday banking: whether the audited providers are getting the basics right
  • Business support: how banks are offering advice and guidance on digital channels
  • Business insight: how providers are enhancing the customer experience with smart PFM tools
  • Usability: how easy it is for SME customers to perform banking tasks online
  • Online account servicing: what functionality exists in terms of account controls and help & support

Benchmarking Digital SME Banking Propositions

With screenshots, data visualisation, analysis and insights based on a lengthy experience of tracking digital banking innovation, this 76-page report also features international digital SME banking examples (including ABN AMRO and Commonwealth Bank) and recommendations for banks looking to advance in the business banking market.

Ultimately, Mapa advocates an approach that will allow banks to better anticipate and respond to customer needs, and transform them from a service provider to a trusted business partner.

Download a free sample of the report by clicking below, or contact us today to purchase the full report.