Insight Series – Aggregators: Converging for the customer

April 04, 2018

2018 could be the year of the Aggregator as customers feel more empowered to take the right actions for their financial wellbeing. An increased demand in customer expectations and Open Banking initiatives are driving improvements in efficiency and new forms of collaboration.

In this report, our focus is on the customer and the potential value aggregators can create for customers.

We look at three key benefits, which aggregators could offer to customers;

  • Awareness – understanding spending and saving
  • Action – budgeting and targets
  • Activation – suggestions and recommendations

Do aggregators have the potential to use digital technology and regulatory change to alter the consumer’s perception of the role of financial services? While not all aggregation platforms will make it to maturity, they still create ideas and inspiration. By providing a better experience, aggregators are addressing consumer needs. These platforms are transforming how consumer needs are met into something more accessible with advanced features, smooth onboarding and solutions that support the consumer’s functional, social and emotional needs.

This report features screenshots from behind the login from Cleo, Tink, Clarity, Yolt, Money Dashboard and more.