INFOGRAPHIC: Branches & The Future of Banking

January 05, 2017

Will we soon see the ‘death of the branch’?

This infographic from Mapa Research looks at how customer behaviour (moving basic banking activity online) and branch cost-cutting measures are leading to branch closures, and a new approach to ‘offline’ banking in the UK.

With all major UK banks set to close more branches this year, this infographic presents a myriad of data around the latest consumer views, device usage and in-branch banking activity.

Infographic Bank Branches Closing

As we’ve seen, the use of cash and cheques is also on the decline in Great Britain, with contactless card spending on the rise and 37% of UK consumers now carrying out all of their financial transactions online. (SMF)

Click to download the full infographic and uncover the complete picture when it comes to branches and banking in the UK.