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Finovate Europe 2015: Our top picks from day one

Finovate has become renowned in the FinTech world as a platform where the most innovative companies can showcase their latest developments and products, all aimed at financial firms and servicing the financial needs of customers. Day one of Finovate Europe, saw demonstrations from 40 start-ups, each showcasing their products in seven minute pitches. There was a great turn out, with well over 1000 people arriving to see the latest that FinTech has to offer.

There were a few noticeable themes throughout the course of the day, including innovation around log in and security, omni-channel solutions, Bitcoin and PFM tools. Some of our favourite pitches from day one included:

Intelligent Environments, who presented the AppSensorFS, a security tool that sits within their business application, Interact, enabling it to detect and take action against security threats. The software has been designed to tackle shortcomings in perimeter security. The sensor monitors user behaviour and patterns, and detects actions and threats from cybercriminals that have been able to access the application. The tool also determines and carries out appropriate responses depending on the threat, such as blocking an activity, and then sends a detailed update to the account owner about the suspicious activity. The AppSensorFS was specifically designed for financial end user applications and can be used in both desktop and mobile apps.

ebankit presented its omni-channel platform that aims to give users a seamless experience across different channels. The solution consists of a number of innovations that allow customers to; pay contacts from social media networks or their address book; receive proactive information from the bank when walking past a branch; use a smart watch app to receive notifications and make transactions and; make use of voice banking to undertake a number of activities such as viewing accounts and activating renewals. Ebankit offers a unified digital banking solution that is managed centrally, allowing customers to communicate more efficiently and effectively using their preferred channel. Customers can also begin an interaction using one channel, and end it in another.

The platform shows promise of true omni-channel experience where customers can benefit from contextual banking where financial services can be more seamlessly embedded in to their lives. The screenshot below shows how Ebankit allows customers to make payments to contacts on social media.


Strands demonstrated their product, Loop, an innovative BFM platform providing business owners with a personalised banking experience that can help them make informed financial decisions and build tailored sales campaigns. This intuitive tool can analyse and forecast an SME’s future financial needs, empowering business managers to better manage their cash flow. Stands Loop can also utilise customer and transactional data to provide business insights and facilitate marketing campaigns, targeting relevant deals to card holders using predefined marketing strategies.


Photo Pay has designed a text recognition tool for mobile apps that can be used to replace manual field data entry. It uses smart scan through a mobile device camera in customers’ banking apps and contextually recognises data from non-standardised cards, paper or other documents. It can be used to extract and fill out information, such as Iban numbers, pdf/electric bill data, payment slips and other data, automatically. Importantly, the tool can be operated offline, thereby reducing risks.


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