Digital Investments: Customer Journey Analysis

Our client made use of Mapa Research consultancy services to ensure the best possible roll-out of their new investment platform.

The situation: Acquisition of new investments customers

Our client launched an investment platform in a bid to improve its digital offering for savings and investments products and open up investing options to more customers. The bank’s digital team was looking for expert insights on competitor activity before launching the innovative new platform.

They approached trusted partner Mapa Research for some bespoke consulting work, which would look at what other providers were doing in this area – particularly around product discovery for customer acquisition. Already clients of Mapa’s Digital Banking Dashboards, the client required a deeper analysis of this specific area of digital banking – and knew Mapa would be the right partner to provide this fresh perspective on the customer experience of investment platforms.

The project: Reviewing & benchmarking competitors 

The objectives of this engagement were to help our client convert as many customers as possible from the website. Mapa analysts worked with the savings and investments team to scope the project, firstly identifying the key players to monitor (large UK banks and lending houses) and then the main areas of investigation:

  • Navigation & journeys: How do prospects get to investments products from a homepage, and from the main Savings page? What is the customer journey for new-to-bank customers, and for existing customers looking to better understand their investment options?
  • Language & tone: How are investment products described across providers’ websites, and does this language clearly explain the value proposition?
  • Product positioning: How are providers promoting the benefits of investment tools, and allaying customer fears around the risks? What tools and calculators exist to help customers make informed decisions?
  • Cross-selling and marketing: How are competitors leading customers through the investments discovery journey? What techniques are being used behind the login, for example, to encourage savings customers to sign up for investment products?

The analysis was conducted across all digital channels – website, mobile browser and mobile app, where one existed. Innovative UX features were highlighted, along with best practice in the design, navigation and content of the customer journey. Mapa also presented the hygiene factors they had identified – the minimum requirements for a good customer experience, present across most providers.


Once the research was conducted, Mapa Research analysts were able to present the findings to our client (with a scoring matrix and a report), along with recommendations for ‘quick wins’ and longer-term tactics for both the associated brochureware and the digital investment platform itself.

Results: 70% uplift in conversion rates

As a result of the consulting engagement, our client has made significant changes to the way customers navigate to the main investment landing page. But the project has also shifted their attention from speed to conversion rates – they became more focused on fixing broken elements of the journey, and driving quality conversions.


They have made changes to the pre-application information pages, creating an ‘education hub’ to make the benefits stand out and the relevant explanations easier to digest. The team was also able to use Mapa’s research to validate some of its assumptions, such as the fact that content needed to be targeted at both inexperienced investors and those familiar with investing.

Following the implementation of these changes, our client saw an uplift in conversion rates of more than 70%, helping more customers discover, engage with and ultimately sign up for the product.

To find out more about Mapa consulting, click here or contact us today.


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