Digital Wallets & Payments Are Always Evolving

Mapa believes that a superb customer experience is fundamental to getting customers to use contactless card and digital wallets. Our newest product will help you answer these important questions:

  • What does the digital payments landscape look like across the UK, Europe and the US?
  • Who are the top providers in terms of customer experience? Setting up the initial payment process and sign-in? The payment experience?
  • What can issuers learn from non-traditional competitors and new entrants?
  • How is PSDII going to shape the market?

The Mapa Digital Wallet & Payments Dashboard will look to answer the many questions that will emerge as the digital payments market continues to evolve. It includes a wide range of providers from across the globe, assessed across over 140 metrics that include every element of the user experience:

We recognise that activity is ultimately about growing spending across your card portfolio – the Dashboard focuses on digital payments at Point of Sales and online usage, the areas that drive volume and value.

Wallets from banks, credit card providers and card schemes are compared with new and innovative payment offerings from across the UK, US and Europe to see how the payments propositions from non-traditional competitors are driving customer expectations.

How does the changing payments landscape fit together?



  • Comparison Matrix: Updated quarterly, the Comparison Matrix lets you see how your features and functionality compare to those of your competitors.
  • Screenshots: We gather real visuals from across logged in areas, security, payment processes, email marketing and more.
  • Quarterly Update Report: Each Dashboard is accompanied by insights into the developments in the market over the quarter.
  • Presentation: Our analysts will come to your offices (or use Webex) to present key findings and trends, and answer any questions you have.
  • Email alerts: We alert you to changes in the market that may be of interest, as soon as they happen.

If you’d like more information, contact us today.