Hurdles to Digital ID & Verification

Insight Series – Digital ID & Verification: A Better Onboarding Experience

May 31, 2017

What does best practice look like in terms of digital ID & verification? And, as digital becomes the channel of choice for more and more banking customers, how can financial services providers ensure that applicants complete the onboarding process (on desktop or mobile) completely in-channel, without arduous ID and verification processes causing customers to drop off… and perhaps go to a competitor?

This Insight Series report from experts at Mapa looks at how banks can improve the experience by offering real-time verification, fully integrated and third party solutions, and frictionless, in-channel ID verification from a combination of sources. It also assesses the role of digital help and support in encouraging users through the process, and how AI can be used to offer the right authentication method to each customer. Our conclusions are drawn based on the potential of PSD2 to open up banking and the importance for banks of offering end-to-end in-channel onboarding journeys.

Featuring onboarding journey examples and screenshots from Capital One, Monzo, B, Fidor, Starling Bank and Revolut, this 41-page report is available to purchase now – download a sample first by clicking below.