Current Account Discovery Project

We helped a top tier UK bank to improve its online user experience by showing them the discovery journey for current accounts in the market.

Situation: Our client had a theory that its brochureware for current accounts was too cluttered, with too many potential drop-out points, and that this was hindering the number of account applications they received via digital channels.

Project: Mapa analysts replicated the current account discovery journey across 12 major banks, a mixture of UK and non-UK. We produced competitor analysis and benchmarking for journeys across mobile and desktop. We looked at the fluidity and logic of the navigation, and how current account products were categorised, positioned, explained and promoted – including the tone and language used.


Feedback: The client found the project incredibly useful, with content-rich deliverables and an engaging presentation of findings that ‘brought every aspect of the research to life’. They could really see the rationale behind Mapa’s recommendations and were also impressed by the very quick turnaround times.

Results: We uncovered several examples of innovation in this area, and recommended both quick wins and long term projects for improving conversion rates. Thanks to Mapa’s research, the client has been able to bring an entire Agile team up to speed on the area of current account discovery, and also validated their hypotheses regarding the aptness of their own discovery journeys. All of this has helped them save time and, from the Mapa deliverables, the client will be able to make small quick changes and also back up longer term strategy decisions with objective third-party evidence.

For more on Mapa’s consulting capabilities, visit our consulting page

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