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Credit card sites transformed with greater simplicity

Mapa’s latest Credit Card (UK) dashboard has uncovered a new trend: some UK providers are updating their website and mobile app interfaces with a simpler aesthetic, revealing an emerging shift towards a cleaner and more minimalist design.

CapitalOne, for example, redesigned their website with a lighter background and reduced tiling, making the pages less content-heavy while the information is streamlined and clear. As a result, users can focus on a few key features which the provider chooses to promote while the prominence of the key coloured buttons highlights the calls to action.

Capital One

How do these new website designs revamp credit card users’ experience? What is driving credit card providers towards this shift? The simplicity of the new website designs gives a more user-friendly experience, enabling customers to navigate easily from the landing page. Site visitors do not need to wade through too much information to find what they seek when they first enter a website. While this creates a more valuable and positive experience for customers, providers also benefit from immediately drawing site visitors’ attention to their most recent promotions in a clear and targeted manner.

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