Application Journey

Credit Card Application Journey Project

How can banks offer an application process that is both secure and slick?

Situation: Banks must help their customers act independently in a digital, financial world. Creating efficient and streamlined digital onboarding journeys is a huge part of this. As the very first touchpoint between customer and bank, the account application process is a critical moment in the relationship with the customer – and the bank must deliver a great digital experience.

Our client, a large UK financial services provider, was keen to improve the online application process for credit cards, and also benchmark their own offering against competitors.


Project: Mapa’s experienced analysts conducted an end-to-end assessment of credit card application journeys on desktop and mobile platforms. We scored and ranked each audited provider on features of the journey (before, during and after application) that contributed to the speed and smoothness of the application. We used this as a framework for constructing the optimum user journey, making recommendations based on our wider digital banking expertise as to where further improvements could be made that no audited provider offered.

Results: We presented the findings and the optimum user journey to our client, who was able to implement changes to their own process in order to enhance and speed up the application process, and ultimately win more new customers through both desktop and mobile channels.

For more on Mapa’s consulting capabilities, visit our consulting page

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