Building mobile PFM with mass market appeal

  • Mapa ResearchBy Mapa Research, 
  • July 23, 2015

Personal Financial Management is a well-established concept within digital banking, with the majority of financial services providers recognising the need to provide tools to help customers better understand and manage their finances. PFM tools promise to encourage more informed spending and budgeting habits, helping customers improve their financial health and achieve their financial goals. A good PFM tool can significantly enhance the user experience and increase engagement with digital banking platforms exponentially. However, many of the PFM tools we have seen implemented in the past have fallen short of these expectations, often because they have been bolt on tools and not well integrated and can require a lot of input from the customer in order for them to be sufficiently informative.

The last 12 months have seen a lot of exciting innovations in this space that show promise of moving closer to fulfilling customer expectations. And importantly, we have seen that the mobile channel has been at the forefront of these developments, and it is this channel that we focus on in our latest PFM report.

This report highlights market players, both banks and non-banks, which have taken different approaches to make their mobile PFM tools both integrative and relevant to the daily financial needs of customers that really seek to make better use of customer information and provide forward looking actionable information. We have also highlighted a number of novel uses of gamification that can really help to engage users with these tools.


For the first time in our insight series reports, complementing our own analysis of mobile PFM trends and developments over the past year, is a contribution from Jim Marous, who provides his insights into what is happing in this space.

The report is split into three sections that look into:

  • Vendor insights: drawn from interviews with three leading vendors
  • Stand out mobile PFM developments from banks over the last 12 months
  • A deep dive look into a number of innovative non-bank PFM offerings

For more information and to purchase the report, please contact us today.

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