BBVA’s “pequeñas cosas” campaign focuses on simplicity and convenience

At the end of 2015 BBVA launched a new initiative called “La Revolución de las Pequeñas Cosas” – “the revolution of small things” in Spanish – to proactively promote the small but powerful features on its digital banking platforms.

Aimed at making the lives of their customers easier, the campaign is one among few that shows digital banking features within its customer communications, rather than simply advertising financial products. Through the pequeñas cosas campaign, BBVA uses its social channels, and email, to support and strengthen customer relationships. It’s a good initiative that shows how well-established customer-centric thinking is within the bank – simplicity and convenience are essential.

Early mover in digital banking

Why promote digital features instead of products? When you’re an innovative bank such as BBVA, you’d be crazy not to. BBVA’s history is underpinned by years of placing customer satisfaction at the centre of strategic decisions. Although the bank might not have been as highly praised as some of the challenger banks, they have always been an early mover in terms of digital banking.

Innovation centres

BBVA was one of the first banks to introduce the concept of “Innovation Centres”. The first Innovation Centre was created in 2007 to promote interactions with entrepreneurs, start-ups and developers through a wide variety of free events offered to the public. Almost a decade later, some banks are beginning to catch up by investing in innovation hubs, the majority, however, are even further behind.

BBVA Wallet

BBVA Wallet was introduced in July 2014. Similar to the Google Wallet and Apple Passbook, launched in 2011 and 2012 respectively, it allows users to import card information from different accounts. Unlike Google and Apple, however, the current BBVA Wallet includes exclusive discounts at retailers, and it can finance purchases with a single click, activate/deactivate cards, and permit only certain types of payments – for example, blocking online payments but allowing payments in retail outlets. The BBVA Wallet currently has 850,000 users in Spain.

BBVA Wallet

Screenshot from Mapa’s Mobile Banking Dashboard, March 2014

BBVA Contigo – the remote advisor

BBVA Contigo, a remote and free advisory service, is possibly the bank’s most noteworthy introduction. All of the bank’s customers can request a personal advisor, who they can contact over email or phone via their mobile banking app to make inquiries or perform transactions. With 600,000 customers signed up to BBVA Contigo, it is clear that convenience is highly prioritised by its users.

Remote Signature

A recent promotion, part of the pequeñas cosas campaign, told customers about a “remote signature” functionality within online banking and the mobile banking app. As the name suggests, the functionality allows the customer to provide a digital signature on important documents, complementing the BBVA Contigo service. It is a welcome alternative to printing, signing and posting documents. In theory, this functionality could be used to completely digitise most service processes. This is yet another initiative that plays on convenience and simplified customer experiences.

BBVA remote signature

Screenshot from BBVA España Facebook page

What else?

The list of useful functionality and features does not stop there. Our most recent update of the Mobile Banking Dashboard picked up the introduction of a “Bring my Bills” functionality to its mobile banking app, which means that customers can now easily transfer any direct debits linked to other accounts to their BBVA account – a clever effort to strengthen customer relationships and engagement with the brand. All customers need to do is take a picture of a recent bill, and the direct debit can be transferred.

BBVA has a long history as an early mover when it comes to using digital innovations to make its customer experience as convenient and simple as possible. Broadcasting its many useful functionalities, the pequeñas cosas campaign is a reflection of the role the bank aims to play in its customers’ lives.

If you would like to find out more about BBVA or any of your other banking competitors, our Mobile Banking Dashboard monitors 41 banks globally across 190 different metrics. Contact us now for more information. 

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