The fundamental challenge faced by all banks around the world is how they can help their customers act independently in a digital, financial world. A huge step towards facilitating this is creating efficient and streamlined digital onboarding journeys. As the very first touchpoint between customer and bank, the account application process is arguably a critical moment in the relationship with the customer – and the bank must deliver a great digital experience.


From applying for a credit card to opening a savings account, Mapa Research has extensive experience of tracking and analysing application user journeys, from product selection through to post-application communication and support. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to identify and recommend best practice in aspects of the application journey including product discovery, KYC and ID and verification.

Application forms

Recent projects include:

  • A current account discovery review, where we reviewed and analysed customer journeys from landing on a bank’s home page to reaching the start of a current account application form, across a number of the UK’s leading and challenger banks. We looked at how journeys were structured, the layout of product pages, and the product selection tools available.
  • An end-to-end assessment of credit card application journeys on desktop and mobile platforms. We scored and ranked each audited provider on features of the journey, and found gaps in provision that our client could take advantage of.

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