Mapa Insight Series Reports 2017

1. Next Generation Digital Help & Support – February 2017

Banks are exploring now ways of providing customer support in digital channels. This report will look at the use of AI, video and other innovative ways of helping customers complete online journeys. Read a free sample of this report here.

2. PFM: Anticipating and Building For the Future of Digital Banking – March 2017

Personal Finance Management tools are increasingly being integrated into mobile and desktop banking propositions. Meanwhile, banks are facing competition from solutions providers with the capabilities to aggregate and offer a complete overview of customers’ finances. The PFM Insight Series report will look at solutions from banks and beyond. Download a sample of our PFM report here.

3. PSD2: The Implications for Digital Banking Customers and Providers – April 2017

The purpose of PSD2 is to increase security and competition in the payments market, but its implications will affect the whole of financial services. How will opening up APIs affect banks? How will it affect consumers? And, what opportunities will present themselves to players in the market? These are questions that this report investigates. Download a sample here.

4. Digital ID & Verification: A Better Onboarding Experience – May 2017

Digital application forms are becoming slicker, making it easier than ever for new customers to apply for an account. But all too often initially smooth application journeys can be rendered time consuming and unwieldy by the need for paper-based ID and verification processes. This report investigates how the advent of digital verification can onboard customers in record time. Find out more and read short free sample here.

5. Digital SME banking

The SME banking space has plenty of opportunities to improve. From a digital perspective, it’s far behind the offerings of retail banking. Many providers are failing to meet the needs of their SME customers and there is a general focus on offering business capital, rather than exploring more client-need led approach. What can banks do to better serve business customers? (Find out more about last year’s SME Insight Series report here…)

6. Effective selling on mobile

Smartphone users spend a lot of time on their phones so it is not surprising that banks are looking for opportunities to tap into unmet customer needs by highlighting other products and services. This report will look at the different strategies in play, and how banks engage new and existing customers on mobile. Are there lessons to be learned from outside the banking industry? (This was a really popular report last year!)

7. Security and authentication

Apple’s rollout of TouchID marked the start of something big. Some were hoping that biometrics would be the death of the PIN – and it still might be – but for now, it seems that biometrics typically adds another option to the ID and verification process. We explore how banks are working to find a balance between security and convenience for customers accessing their accounts and making payments.

8. Ten things banks should do digitally for 2018

By evaluating the digital banking developments over the past year, our analysts will highlight the ten most important trends that bankers should embrace in 2018. Read some of our predictions for 2017 here.

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