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Mapa holds live bank accounts with nearly 100 providers, globally. We create dashboards for a number of key product areas (from current accounts to loans to savings) and for the main channels (desktop, mobile and tablet), to provide unparalleled access to, and insights around, the consumer journey your competitors offer in digital channels.

Every Dashboard is delivered quarterly, and will include a comparison matrix, a PDF report with screenshots, commentary on the latest changes across the market, and a presentation at your offices from one of our expert research analysts. You will also receive news alerts to keep you abreast of interesting developments between Dashboard updates. Interested? Contact us for more details and to arrange a one-to-one demo.


Every Mapa report focuses on digital consumer experiences, but we’ve created Dashboards that look at device-specific trends and developments, as well as general Dashboards that cover the whole sphere of online banking.

The quarterly Dashboards we produce in this area cover the topics of Internet Banking, Digital Banking, Mobile Banking, and Tablet Banking. Each Dashboard has unique features that will add value to your decision-making and project scoping, but generally they examine things like online tools and calculators, the banking functionality available online and on certain devices, logging in and security measures, and crucially what is available to consumers after they log in to an account.


As well as device-specific Dashboards, Mapa consultants produce quarterly Dashboards that cover specific product areas within financial services.

If you are keen to understand how UK providers are positioning Current Accounts online – from switching to upgrading to applying for an overdraft – sign up for our quarterly Current Accounts Dashboard and Savings Dashboard. We highlight innovation in calculators and budget planners, how the application process works and looks, and how banks are responding to changing legislation and keeping customers well informed throughout the online banking process.


Our Credit & Lending Dashboards can help you understand the online marketplace and see how competitors are improving the borrowing experience for consumers.

The Credit Cards Dashboard compares a list of more than 180 individual features across 17 service providers in the UK. Offering exclusive insight from both public and secure areas, this Dashboard assesses developments such as calculators, application processes and the servicing of credit card accounts online. Meanwhile, the Mortgages Dashboard compares a list of more than 200 account features across service providers from the UK. Looking at what’s available across all the provider websites, this Dashboard compares Mortgage Calculators and budget planners, the Help & Guidance provided online, the application process (on different platforms and devices) and how easy it is to get a decision in principle online. The Personal Loans Dashboard compares a list of more than 200 account features across 14 service providers in the UK. Again, available tools and user journeys are compared, with screenshots of new innovations in online loan applications also provided.


The SME Dashboard is also produced quarterly, comparing eight business bank accounts in the UK across more than 150 metrics for desktop, as well as 15 metrics across 5 mobile banking apps. This helps our clients understand how banks are improving their online and mobile offering for small businesses. We also produce a Mobile Banking App benchmarking report, using our access to thousands of real customer app reviews and sentiment analysis to give you a Mapa App Benchmark Score©. Contact us for more details and to arrange a one-to-one demo.

Report Insight Series

Insight Series Reports

We regularly produce reports on a range of hot topics, to show you how others are handling specific online challenges like acquisition, user experience, retention, regulation, and marketing. The good practice examples provided can help you make quicker and better-informed decisions, and act as supporting material for new product development and business cases. Contact us today if you’d like to purchase any.

Customer Servicing Using Mobile and Digital Channels

Published: Q1 2016

A detailed view on how banks are using digital channels to provide customer servicing functionality. Find out more and view sample content here.

PFM Insight Series – Mobile and Tablet

Published: Q2 2016

A focus on the providers who are making a success of offering personal financial management. Find out more and download an extract here.

Mobile Banking Series: Effective Selling using Mobile

Published: Q2 2016

A detailed look at how banks have faced the challenge of implementing elegant sales journeys across various mobile operating systems. Read more and get your free sample report here.

Digital SME Banking

Published: Q3 2016

A focus on how banks are offering relevant apps and other digital services to SME markets. Download your free sample report here.

Payments and Wallets: An Assessment of the Latest Developments

Published: Q3 2016

A look at how banks are responding to challenges from Apple Pay and other wallets. Read an overview and some sample content here.

Security and Identity: Balancing Convenience with Usability

Published: Q3 2016

A look at how banks are implementing multiple levels of security depending on the task being completed. Download a free sample of the report here.

Mobile Banking Series: The Challenge – Functionality versus Simplicity

Published: Q4 2016

A detailed look at the latest trends in design and navigation, and which apps are getting the balance right for customers. Read more here.

Ten Things Digital Teams Should Do In 2017

To be published in: Q4 2016

The key digital trends within financial services that companies should be embracing in 2017. Read a sample of our 2016 report here.

Competitor Analysis Workshops

Competitor Experience Workshops

At Mapa, we believe in bringing the consumer experience from your competitors’ online banking and finance apps to life through data visualizations, quality insights and loads of real screenshots from the user journey. Our Competitor Experience Workshops take that one step further, letting you see first-hand what it’s like to use your competitor’s digital offering through a range of devices. See for yourself what you’re up against.

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