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Mapa holds live bank accounts with over 100 providers, globally. We create Dashboards quarterly across a range of topics, to provide unparalleled access to, and insights around, the consumer journey your competitors offer in digital channels.

Every Dashboard includes a comparison matrix, a PDF report with screenshots, commentary on the latest changes across the market, and a presentation from our expert research analysts. You will also receive regular news alerts and Mapa Digest access to keep you abreast of interesting developments between Dashboard updates. Interested? Contact us for more details and to arrange a one-to-one demo.


Mobile Banking

Mapa’s quarterly Mobile Banking Dashboard monitors financial services providers across the world, to help clients visualise the trends and developments in mobile banking. Are your competitors and peers making it easy and secure to log in, trying new authentication methods, cross-selling relevant products at the right time, and innovating in terms of PFM, Open Banking and AI? Are they letting users complete tasks like making payments, managing multiple accounts, activating and blocking cards, and checking their balance on mobile? Our quarterly benchmarking matrix and accompanying report answers all these questions and more.


Desktop Banking

We go beyond the login to show you what’s happening in Desktop Banking globally. These quarterly reports examine every aspect of online account servicing, such as website navigation and design, tools and calculators, authentication and security measures, marketing of related financial products, and crucially what functionality is available to consumers after they log in. See how your bank compares in terms of user experience, and where the opportunities are to lead the market.

Find out more here or contact us today for more information.


Digital Wallets & Payments

Mapa believes that a superb customer experience is fundamental to getting customers to use contactless card and digital wallets. Our Digital Wallets & Payments Dashboard will help you answer important questions like: What does the digital payments landscape look like across the UK, Europe and the US? Who are the top providers in terms of customer experience, setting up the initial payment process and signing in, and the payment experience? What can issuers learn from non-traditional competitors and new entrants? And how is PSDII going to shape the market? Learn more here.


Account Aggregators

The Mapa Account Aggregator Dashboard will help your business make sense of this evolving market, showcasing examples of best practice from bank and non-bank providers. It monitors 14 providers, including Tink, Moven, Money Dashboard, OnTrees, Bud, Pariti, Cleo, Squirrel and ING’s Yolt, looking at the sign-up and authentication process, adding and removing accounts, and setting up goals and budgets. Where are the opportunities for your bank? Find out more.


Credit Cards

The Credit Cards Dashboard compares a list of around 200 features across 17 service providers in the UK and 10 providers in the US. Offering exclusive insight from both public and secure areas, this Dashboard assesses developments such as calculators, application processes, cardholder user journeys and the servicing of credit card accounts online. Contact us today to find out more.

SME Banking Dashboard

SME Banking

The SME Banking Dashboard is also produced quarterly, comparing eight business bank accounts in the UK across more than 150 metrics for desktop, as well as 15 metrics across 5 mobile banking apps. The SME Banking Dashboard and accompanying report helps our clients understand how banks are improving their online and mobile offering for small businesses. Contact us today to set up your subscription or view a sample here.

Mapa Research Financial Products Dashboard

Core Financial Products

As challengers and FinTechs introduce new and streamlined ways to borrow and save, the way banks position and market their products and services on their public sites is critical. Our new Financial Products Dashboard, a combination of the former Current Accounts, Savings, Mortgages and Personal Loans Dashboards, looks at how banks are promoting and positioning their products and engaging with visitors to their websites. Contact us today for more information.


Mapa Consulting

Go beyond the Dashboards and ask our expert analysts to give you a detailed report on the digital banking topic of your choosing. We've helped clients benchmark digital onboarding journeys to enhance their service, identify opportunities to reduce costs, optimise the sales experience to improve online conversion, and understand regulations to remain compliant while still delivering a world-class customer experience. Find out more here.

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