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Our bespoke consultancy is designed around your information and insight needs. With our unique portfolio of live bank accounts, providing real-world answers to your competitor and consumer questions, we can help you to make better decisions. Mapa analysts have the experience and expertise to not only deliver top-quality research, but get to the heart of what you need to know to succeed. Whatever your focus area – from sales optimisation, cost reduction and service enhancement to user experience, strategy and regulatory compliance – we provide the evidence you need to support your business case and to influence stakeholders.

Would you like to know…

  • How your competitors are acquiring new customers digitally?
  • What consumers experience day-to-day in managing their accounts?
  • How new products are being promoted before and after customer login?
  • Where and how specific competitors cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers?
  • What the customer journey looks like on specific apps or websites?
  • Which banking tasks can be carried out entirely online or on mobile?
  • The levels of consistency offered across channels and devices?
  • Where the opportunities lie in terms of online services, from AI and chatbots to PFM tools?
  • How your competitors are interpreting new legislation across their digital assets?
  • How loyal customers are being rewarded by banks online?

These are the kinds of questions we can answer.

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