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Swedish giants in major online push

Website developments the hot topic ahead of the summer

04 July 2013 | Internet banking |

Mapa has now completed the second update of 2013, monitoring the Swedish internet and mobile banking market. It has been an eventful quarter – mainly in terms of website developments. Both Danske Bank and Handelsbanken launched new internet banking platforms and ICA Banken introduced a new website.

Handelsbanken and Danske Bank have new internet banking platforms focussing on an improved design and simpler navigation. Customers of Handelsbanken can now see an overview of their accounts straight on the landing page after login. The bank has also introduced a shortlist of “common errands” in each section to ease the navigation through the most used features. ICA Banken has introduced a new website including improvements in structure and navigation. The main update was to the overall design which is now similar to the existing  Customers had the possibility to watch a preview of the service ahead of the launch.

Mapa screen shot of the new handelsbanken online banking platform

During the spring, Avanza Bank added several features in quick succession to their new website. Customers can now transfer money and open new accounts on the site. In conjunction with the introduction of a new front page in June, the CEO of Avanza officially welcomed customers to the new site, and also thanked customers for all the contributions that they had received along the way using Avanza Labs.

Nordea published stats related to their digital services. Their internet bank had 28 million logins for the first quarter and is the most common point of contact with 1.5 million active users. Their recently launched mobile apps are likely to have been behind the increase in interest in their mobile services, and now claim they have 400,000 active users. Interestingly, with 26 million logins, their mobile bank had approximately as many logins as their internet bank for the same period. This again illustrates the higher login frequency of the mobile channel.

Swedbank have implemented several updates to their apps. New features include the ability to use the phone’s camera to scan paper bill data for payments. Customers can also set their own background for their start page, with six different designs to choose from. Skandia have also made improvements to existing mobile apps. Customers using their ‘Microsavings’ tool now have the possibility to automatically round up card purchase card towards an associated savings goal.

Finally, although there have already been a number of improvements to web banking services, we expect to see more over the course of the year. For example, SEB recently informed customers on their secure site that that an updated version of their internet bank will be launched this autumn. Expect more information regarding this in our upcoming updates later this year.

Written by Alexander Hertzell.

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