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Barclaycard updates bPay: its range of payment by wearables

Could forward thinking payment innovation change user perception of shopping as we know it

30 July 2015 | Credit cards |

The latest update of the Credit Card Dashboard (UK) has captured a number of developments in the contactless payment space. Most notably was the launch of Apple Pay in the UK that was supported by almost all major UK banks. One exception to this was Barclays, who held out in the lead up to the...keep reading

Building Mobile PFM with Mass Market Appeal

Understanding the elements of a successful mobile PFM solution and how this can enhance the customer relationship with the bank

23 July 2015 | PFM |

Personal Financial Management is a well-established concept within digital banking, with the majority of financial services providers recognising the need to provide tools to help customers better understand and manage their finances. PFM tools promise to encourage more informed spending and...keep reading

Customer experience - the focal point of discussion in the Nordics

Mapa attends 'Customer Experience Transformation: Financial Services Nordic'

22 July 2015 | Digital banking |

Earlier this summer Mapa attended the Customer Experience Transformation: Financial Services Nordics in Stockholm. Over this two day conference, we had the opportunity to listen to and discuss the best initiatives, solutions and challenges regarding customer experience with financial experts from...keep reading

Swedish banks continue the evolution of their digital offerings

Migrating to Mobile BankID, extending in-app functionality and introducing experimentation apps

17 June 2015 | Mobile banking |

The second update of the 2015 Mobile Banking (SWE) Dashboard saw some interesting updates for mobile banking apps, below are the key areas summarised:


The discontinuing of personalised PIN and simplified login is a growing trend in the Swedish market, Swedbank is the latest bank in the...keep reading

Santander goes mobile with ISAs

Has introduced responsive product applications and a dedicated mobile app

28 May 2015 | Savings |

With the speed at which mobile technologies have grown and picked up pace, mobile has without doubt become a key channel for financial institutions to engage, create brand awareness and to monetise its offerings. In our recent savings dashboard update, Santander was found to be leveraging the...keep reading

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