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The Barclays 100% mortgage is here

09 May 2016 | Mortgages | Kirsty Cooke

Barclays has launched the first 100% mortgage from the high street in 8 years, in what the FT calls a ‘sign of a return to riskier lending’. The mortgage needs to be supported by a ‘helper’, most likely a family member, who guarantees the mortgage by putting 10% of the property purchase...keep reading

Chat bots: A better experience for banking customers?

19 April 2016 | Social | Mapa

As we touched on in our recent article about social customer service, the possibilities to provide support over private channels such as Facebook Messenger are expanding. Not least because, as Mark Zuckerberg announced at the F8 conference last week, Facebook has introduced ‘chatbots’....keep reading


When Apple Pay arrived in the UK last year nearly all of the biggest high street banking brands announced that they would be partnering with the tech giant to bring the contactless mobile payment solution to their customers. Barclays was, however, notably absent from the...keep reading

Will the UK follow Scandinavia in becoming nearly cashless?

21 March 2016 | Mobile payments | Sara Sjöstedt

As the number of digital payment solutions available to consumers continues to increase, customers across the globe are increasingly choosing to forego cash. Indeed, data would suggest that the UK is following trends in Scandinavian countries, as it moves towards becoming a ‘cashless...keep reading

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