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This summer Swedbank introduced the PFM feature ’Utgiftskollen’ (“expenditure tracker”). The tool helps customers getting a quick overview of their expenditures. What stands out is the slick user experience and its extensive range of capabilities. Also interesting is their...keep reading


This quarter, as part of the Current Accounts Brochureware dashboard update, we recorded a number of developments among the banks monitored.

A major area of focus and one of the most significant developments was the Current Account Switch Service, with a majority of...keep reading


Digital banking security is the topic in focus for our seventh report as part of the Mapa Insight Series. We have monitored this central area closely for a number of years and this represents the third edition of our annual update. Keeping customers secure when managing...keep reading


We have now reached the sixth report, as part of the Mapa Research Insight Series. With this report we turn our attention to business banking and in particular how to attract and engage new customers.

Why are we covering this topic and why start-up businesses specifically?...keep reading

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Mapa have offices in London, Stockholm, Edinburgh and Melbourne that serve clients from around the world. Our work ranges from comparing local banks to benchmarking against banks in international markets from the UK to Australia.

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We don't just follow the financial services market. We act like the customer. Having real bank accounts with over 100 banks across the world allows us to provide a service that cannot be rivalled.

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