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Our fourth report of the Mapa Insight Series is the first dedicated report looking at disruptors within the financial services space. A recent report not only found that global investment in fin-tec has tripled in 5 years to $3 billion, but that 35% of banks income will be...keep reading


The long anticipated Apple Watch was finally released at the end of April. There has been a lot of buzz around the watch, and even before its release we saw more and more banks upgrading their mobile banking apps for the iWatch, while others announced their plans to launch...keep reading


Barclay’s Pingit now allows customers to make payments to individuals and small businesses via Twitter, making them the first UK bank to offer the service. To make payments via Twitter, Pingit users need to link their Twitter handle to their Pingit profile, as shown below....keep reading


UK credit card providers are enabling more of their products and services to be accessed via mobile banking applications for the convenience of customers. According to the findings of the latest update of the Mapa Credit Card (UK) Dashboard, there has been a significant...keep reading

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Mapa have offices in London, Stockholm, Edinburgh and Melbourne that serve clients from around the world. Our work ranges from comparing local banks to benchmarking against banks in international markets from the UK to Australia.

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We don't just follow the financial services market. We act like the customer. Having real bank accounts with over 100 banks across the world allows us to provide a service that cannot be rivalled.

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