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Our second report of the Mapa Insight Series 2015 explores a hot topic within the Digital Banking Space; SME banking. The sector is an underserved segment when compared with its retail and corporate counterparts. SMEs are looking for more advanced online banking...keep reading


The first Mobile Banking Dashboard update of 2015 saw a raft of updates relating to login methods, sales and enhanced communication tactics. The implementation of Touch ID, which was initially largely confined to the US, has been introduced by banks in the UK, Netherlands,...keep reading


The first update for 2015 of the Swedish internet and mobile banking Dashboard saw several new introductions by banks, below we highlight some of the key areas:

Responsive sites

A prominent trend during 2014 was the introduction of responsive public sites - Nordea,...keep reading


At Mapa Research we find innovation often happens in a cluster. One bank does something, and then its peers rush to do the same. Like last quarter, Barclays had added a ‘base rate information centre’ to their website featuring a rate change calculator & now other providers...keep reading

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Mapa have offices in London, Stockholm, Edinburgh and Melbourne that serve clients from around the world. Our work ranges from comparing local banks to benchmarking against banks in international markets from the UK to Australia.

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We don't just follow the financial services market. We act like the customer. Having real bank accounts with over 100 banks across the world allows us to provide a service that cannot be rivalled.

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