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With this fifth report, as part of the Mapa Research Insight Series, we build on the 2014 mobile banking state of the market to cover selling in the mobile channel. Compared to last year’s digital sales report this year we put the spotlight specifically on mobile - the...keep reading


Since the crash in 2008 the UK bank market has seen a lot of comment and press around the supposed break-up of the current bank market, and the threat from new challengers. Slowly this momentum has grown, as new entities have joined the fray, and new names appeared. The...keep reading


The UK Mobile Banking market has been an interesting space to watch over the past 18 months.  While Sweden, The Netherlands and Spain can be viewed as leading European markets, recent developments in the UK is putting the banks offering on par with the likes of...keep reading


Earlier this year I wrote that the Australian Super-supermarkets, Woolworths and Coles, were looking to leverage their insights into customer spending and eating habits into an actuarial benefit; now it seems that Coles are not content to rest on their technological...keep reading

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Mapa have offices in London and Stockholm that serve clients from around the world. Our work ranges from comparing local banks to benchmarking against banks in international markets from the UK to Australia.

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We don't just follow the financial services market. We act like the customer. Having real bank accounts with over 100 banks across the world allows us to provide a service that cannot be rivalled.

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