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Innovation and regulation have traditionally been positioned within the financial services market as opposing concepts. Indeed, regulation has been seen as being one of the main barriers to new entrants in the market and, when asked what looking for when investing in...keep reading


At Mapa we have been following the evolution of Personal Finance Management (PFM) since 2011 in our PFM Insight Series Reports.

When done well, PFM tools support financial decisions and the financial health of customers. They encourage frequent engagement and...keep reading

The Barclays 100% mortgage is here

09 May 2016 | Mortgages | Kirsty Cooke

Barclays has launched the first 100% mortgage from the high street in 8 years, in what the FT calls a ‘sign of a return to riskier lending’. The mortgage needs to be supported by a ‘helper’, most likely a family member, who guarantees the mortgage by putting 10% of the property purchase...keep reading

Chat bots: A better experience for banking customers?

19 April 2016 | Social | Mapa

As we touched on in our recent article about social customer service, the possibilities to provide support over private channels such as Facebook Messenger are expanding. Not least because, as Mark Zuckerberg announced at the F8 conference last week, Facebook has introduced ‘chatbots’....keep reading

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Using our worldwide portfolio of live bank accounts, we provide our clients with unrivalled competitor tracking and inspiration for their own product and service developments through our research and consultancy services. We have been immersed in online banking since its inception and have tracked every innovation and evolution since then.

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We don't just follow the financial services market. We act like the customer. Having real bank accounts with over 100 banks across the world allows us to provide a service that cannot be rivalled.

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